Sydney Supper: 1 November 2003

The link below leads to Phil Bower’s informal report and pics from the very civilised Sydney Bash on 1 November 2003 for anyone wishing to have a laugh!!

Phil’s report

Attendees included Richard Rowe (S65-74), Chris Shaw( K50-56) and his wife Rebecca, Ann Hogarth (V85-87) and husband Campbell Smyth, Phil Bower (G65-74) and wife Dee, and Cliff Avery (Z81-86) and wife Melissa; so nine of us in all.

Richard was the one who ended up wearing a Wallabies’ jersey for the evening after one too many comments that England will win the Rugby World Cup!

Post-script 22 Nov 2003:
England beat Australia 20-17 in the Rugby World Cup final in Sydney. Since then there has been a light-hearted exchange of e-mails between Aussie and English OFs including the following pictures:


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