Moreau Leaving Scholarships

Our Moreau Leaving Scholarships programme has been running since 2005, and it plays an important part in helping to bind each leaving group together, as well as helping the Society to benefit from the scholars’ membership of our Council. Applicants for the scholarships have to self-nominate by the end of their final Autumn term, and then encourage their friends and members of staff to promote their candidacy through the remainder of the year.


Emile Edouard Moreau remains probably the most significant individual benefactor of the College and the Society. In his will he indicated, among other things, a strong desire to provide support for Old Framlinghamians, including the establishment of a small number of leaving scholarships which would provide significant financial support over a period of three to four years. Clearly, he had in mind that his scholarships would provide the financial underpinning of a recipient’s tertiary education or early career. He recognised that funds might not permit scholarships to be awarded every year, but when funds were available, he wanted the scholarships to be material. Following a review of the Moreau Bequest and the Moreau Benevolent fund over the course of 2004, the Trustees of the Society have created and funded a scheme of Moreau Leaving Scholarships. These will operate in addition to the provision of occasional support to needy Old Framlinghamians. The scheme is described in the Scholarship booklet which you can download via the box on the right.