Moreau Leaving Scholarships

Our Moreau Leaving Scholarships programme has been running since 2005, and it plays an important part in helping to bind each leaving group together, as well as helping the Society to benefit from the scholars’ membership of our Council. Applicants for the scholarships have to self-nominate by the end of their final Autumn term, and then encourage their friends and members of staff to promote their candidacy through the remainder of the year.

Current Applicants

If you would like to send the selection panel your comments, praise, anecdotes or just general support for a particular candidate, please send this by email to Moreau Leaving Scholarships.

Full List of Applicants for the “2023” awards

Lexy Kent – Pembroke House (Sponsor: Rebecca Figgitt). Application received 11/12/22

Ruby Morgan – Pembroke House (Sponsor: Rebecca Figgitt). Application received 14/11/22

Ruby Boddy – Pembroke House (Sponsor: Katy Williams). Application received 14/12/22

Harry Swinburn – Stradbroke House (Sponsor: Katy Williams). Application received 15/12/22

Maja Theisen – Victoria House (Sponsor: Lucy Collishaw). Application received 16/12/22

Joe Graves – Kerrison House (Sponsor: Nick Gandy). Application received 16/12/22

Lyla-Grace Endean – Moreau House (Sponsor: Lucy Bloore). Application received 16/12/22

William Lewellen – Stradbroke House (Sponsor: Oliver Lloyd). Application received 16/12/22

Sophie Lorimer – Pembroke House (Sponsor: Sue Tansley). Application received 16/12/22