Newmarket Supper

Norman Porter, our President, was accompanied by his wife Virginia, was in the chair. Norman updated us on the affairs of then Society and on going projects.

The Head was unable to attend and so Steven Player, the Master of Brandeston spoke on the excellent progress being made with his young pupils especially on the sports field. He invited any OF to visit and see for themselves the modern facilities now available, please telephone before going.

Twenty OF’s and their guests attended and are listed below together with their dates at the College. 2004’s supper will be held at the same venue on Friday 7th May and we would like to see some younger members attending.

Cdr. John Simpson 32-36
Gen. Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson 33-40
Roger Last 35-42
John Waugh 41-48
Rob McLean 42-48
John Gooderham 44-53
Peter Golding 45-49
John Maulden 45-50 Master 57-94
Tony Martin 47-55
Jim Blythe 48-54
Roland Nice 48-55
Brian Dent 50-55
Norman Porter 52-57
Andrew Gooderham 51-58
Paul Gooderham 53-57
Chris Bellamy 54-64
Michael Smy 61-66
Andrew Golding 66-74
Liz Bromage
Felicity Bromage Hon. Member


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