Website Registrations Break Through One Thousand

On 14th February 2008, Alastair Nall (G92-99) became the 1000th OF to register on the website. This means that around 1/3rd of our active membership are now registered, which is brilliant news.

Amongst other things, registration enables you to update your own postal address and e-mail address, receive regular news updates and have access to archival material and things like the Bill Goldfinch video – click here

As mentioned in the 2007 Yearbook and this previously published story here on the website, we have also started the important process of building an “Electronic Green Book”, based on the information in the 1968 Register. But what we need registered members to do is to update their own entry via the on-line Directory. If you are already registered why not go and update your record now, by clicking here.

If you are not one of the 1000 already registered, then please click here and get updating!


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