Update from OF Rifle Club

Our youngest member is 18 years old and our oldest (still active) member is 85. Shooting is an inclusive sport with no distinction between the sexes, age, physical prowess and in fact perfect vision is not required!

We have had recent successes with the OFRC being selected to represent Suffolk in the Astor County Championship. This is a national intercounty competition with places like Jersey being considered as a County.  Not only did the OFRC beat everyone but by a margin of 2 clear points and the highest V-Bull (central Bull) count in the Championship. With Greshams representing Norfolk, the victory was sweet.

I have been able to secure funding from my London Masonic Lodge for the OFRC to host a contingent from the Boys Brigade to come to Bisley and be given the opportunity to fire rifles that ordinarily they would not have access to.

Those that have attended Framlingham are usually (but not always) from families that are comfortable, it is pleasing to be able to assist and encourage those from a less fortunate background to participate in the sport of Target Shooting."

A list of all rifle fixtures can be seen on the Events page of the website.


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