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Ted Harrington (S 2005-10), one of the SOF Moreau Scholars, reports:

You know what they say, “better late than never”! With the OF Society taking to Facebook in mid-2011, we are now excited to announce that we’re on Twitter too – @Framlinghamians.

We have decided to launch a Twitter account to target the younger generations that make up the Society, hoping to get Society news out there to OFs more conveniently and much more immediately – we’re fully aware that Twitter is such a powerful tool to use, and appears to be playing more of a role in people’s day-to-day lives. With the 150th anniversary just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to hop on the Twitter bandwagon.

Most OF website stories will be shared to the new Twitter account; as well as stories that are not linked to website articles. Should you wish to share some news, please contact our Twitter admin team (Peter Howard-Dobson, Chris Essex, Tim Mitchell and Ted Harrington) via the email address

The Society and I encourage you all to visit the new Twitter account and “follow” it to make sure that you get news updates appear on your account homepage – but, if you’re already on Twitter, you’ll know how it works already!

Ted Harrington (S 2010)


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