OF/OI Golf: Porter’s Team wins to level the series

The OF side, which included some new younger blood in the form of James Brocks (K81-91), included:

Chris Sneath (K51-56)
John Thurlow (K48-55)
Ian Bryce (R61-65)
Dudley Holland (R45-52)
Andrew Wright (R48-57)
Brian Evans (K55-59)
Robin Anderton (S54-59)
Peter Howard-Dobson (R65-69)
Norman Mayhew (R48-56)
John Gooderham (K44-53)
Barry Hitchcock (K60-65)

Norman Porter was non-playing captain, owing to a troublesome hip – we hope he’ll be fit for next year’s outing on 18th June 2007.


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