OF marks third generation family connection to The Order of St John

Following his Investiture as an Esquire last year, Benjie Fairbanks Weston (K10-13) followed in his father’s footsteps by carrying the Priory Banner of the US Priory of The Order of St John at the Annual Service of Commemoration and Rededication held in St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday 22nd June. The US Priory was set up by Benjie’s Great Grandfather, the Hollywood star Douglas Fairbanks Jr KBE KStJ DSC and Benjie’s father first carried the US Priory Banner as an Esquire himself back in 1984.

Pictured (L to R) in this photos are Benjie’s father, Colonel Anthony Fairbanks Weston CStJ, the current US Prior, Palmer Hamilton KStJ, and Benjie Fairbanks Weston (K10-13).


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