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OF gives talk to Gallipoli Association on his book

OF gives talk to Gallipoli Association on his book

Chris Shaw (K50-56), our man in Cairns Australia, published his latest book a little while ago – click here for the original story.  This is not your average paperback.  “Echoes of Gallipoli: For those left behind”.

Chris recently gave a talk in the early hours Cairns time, to members of the Gallipoli Association via Zoom, of how he came to write the book.  He recalls how on 25 April 2020, during Covid, he attended a Dawn Service for Anzac Day, which inspired him to write a story of a young Aussie from Winton who went to Gallipoli and died there. You can listen to Chris’s talk, which also briefly mentions his time at Fram, by going to his website here and going to the video at the bottom of the screen.

A signed copy of the specially bound book can be obtained by contacting Chris here.


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