Former pupil, Katy Williams (P84-94) returns to Pembroke!

Katy was delighted to be appointed Head of Pembroke "I am very excited to be the incoming Housemistress of Pembroke. For me, it feels absolutely right and rather like coming home. Having been educated at Framlingham College myself, I was a fully-fledged member of none other than Pembroke House (albeit in a different location to that in which it sits today). Look on the Head of School board at the Prep school and the Head of House board in Pembroke and you may see a familiar name! 

I left in 1994 and went from the College to study at the University of York for a four year BA(Hons) in English Linguistics with Education. I followed this up with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education at the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall). From there I began what turned out to be a successful 15 year career teaching at a state school in Ipswich. I punctuated that time with marriage to Simon and the arrival of three sons. Eventually however, the pull of Framlingham proved too great and I returned in 2014, exactly twenty years after I left.

I am now teaching English and leading Teaching and Learning in the very place that taught me a love of lifelong learning. Indeed, I hope to complete my MA from the University of Suffolk in March this year. The icing on the cake is that our three sons also now attend the Prep school and they too are experiencing the wonderful education that the College offers.

If you are lucky enough to experience Fram, that experience will never leave you and I, for one, just couldn’t keep away.'

Paul Taylor, Headmaster added, ‘The response of the Pembroke girls on hearing that Katy is taking over says it all; she is a teacher who is held in the very highest regard by staff and pupils alike and I have no doubt that she will prove to be a quite excellent Housemistress.’


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