Essex Supper Report 2012

Mark, responding to President Simon Dougherty’s address, gave an amusing and entertaining speech. To a Pupil from the 50’s, the range of activities and interests available at the College in 2012 is just amazing, and this burgeoning phase is due in great part to Mark himself, who has been a Master at the College for over 20 years.
Those attending: Simon Dougherty President (G 60-67), Margaret Dougherty, Mark Robinson, Mrs Mel Dellow, Andrew Wright (R48-57), Norman Porter (K 51-57), David Mason (S55-60), Bill Collard (S55-58), John Waugh (K41-48), Peter Howard-Dobson (R65-69), Brian Evans(K55-59), Chris Essex(K69-75), Eryl Essex, David Carr (S67-74), John Ellerby (G67-75), Chris Bellamy (G54-64), Michael Smy (S61-66), Angela Rankin, John Rankin (K47-56).
From left to right: Andrew Wright; Maggie Dougherty; Simon Dougherty; Mel Dellow; Norman Porter; Mark Robinson; John Rankin.


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