150th Anniversary Dubai Events

Continuing the 150th anniversary events, a small reunion was held recently in Dubai. Present on 15 April 2015 were new SOF President Chris Essex (K69-75) and his wife Eryl, plus Ed Marr (G85-92) and his wife Junko. Also present should have been Robert Craig (R63-70) but unfortunately his short plane flight across from Muscat got delayed by 3 hours.

Despite his 3 hour delay Robert did arrive in Dubai around midnight and Chris and Ed met up with Robert for breakfast the following morning, where Chris presented OF socks. Click here to see photos taken and a fuller report. Robert will be retiring shortly and has offered to help with website administration in the future.

A number of other OFs in the region gave their apologies, including Stephen Sayer (S58-63) who was already on his way out to Australia for 150th event in Hunter Valley.


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