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OF publishes another book

OF publishes another book

Distinguished OF Nigel Parsons (R64-76) has published a second book in October 2023, following the successul publication of his first book “Manouche – Living with the Gypsies of France”.

The book is called “Three Lives” and concerns the lives of three families who become unexpectedly intertwined.  But one is intent on the destruction of, and retribution against, what they precieve as an unjust and immoral society. Given Nigel’s background in news TV, you won’t be surprised to read that the book takes the reader through the major events of the second half of the twentieth century and the first part of the twenty-first which shaped the world we live in.  As Amazon states “its seen through the eyes of the main protagonists, into a dystopian near future until its tragic and shocking denouement.”

The book is available via Amazon if you are interested in reading this book.


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