OF Star Wins "BIG FOUR" Prize at Bisley

Shot at 600 yards with 15 rounds by around 1000 competitors from 20 countries, Sandy effortlessly scored a 75.11 out of a possible 75.15. This means that, in wind conditions which can easily move a bullet a couple of feet, eleven of his shots hit the 7-inch V-Bull with the four ‘loose’ shots remaining in the ordinary 13-inch bull.

With three other competitors tied on 75.11 Sandy took to the same range for a five round tie-shoot immediately after the exhausting three-range course of the second round of the Queen’s Prize.
And while the competition fell away due to pressure or lack of wind judgement Sandy nervelessly scored five straight V-Bulls and, following a long and arduous queue for prize-giving, duly claimed his reward.

The remains of the 13-strong OF contingent at the meeting welcomed him with champagne.

Club Chairman Nigel Burnip said: “This is a truly remarkable achievement by any measure. Thousands of shooters all year round vie for just a handful of prizes and thousands of them go home disappointed. Sandy’s talent is not to be underestimated.”

OFRC Hon Sec James Mehta said: “Congratulations to Sandy – but we like to think this is a triumph for the whole OFRC, which seems to go from strength to strength”.

Clubmate Steve McDowell said: “I don’t care if he is a nice guy. I hate him.”

Don’t forget to tune on for a full report of the OFs’ biggest-ever Bisley which will follow shortly”.


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