Clay Pigeon Shooting Club – Inaugural Event

It swiftly became apparent that, of the eight OFs gathered, the ones really skilled at hitting moving targets were those that were born swaddled in Barbour, raised with a gun in the crooks of their arms, and a spring lamb in their waxed pockets. Farmers – in other words.

Being the brainchild of Rob Norman, last year’s College captain of shooting, it is not surprising that he was good at both.

However, it quickly became obvious that, as the Sons of the Sod among the OFs turned flying ashtrays into smoke by the dozen, the game was very much on for the poofy City Slickers of the OFRC, who generally prefer to deal with their inadequacies on the shooting range by buying more kit and then lying down on it.

Showing that years spent forging successful business careers were no pilots of time-keeping, it was 10.30 am by the time we took to the range – perhaps the proximity of the previous night’s Suffolk Supper had some bearing on this.

The fifty-bird sporting challenge was set upon with greed, and swiftly divided the field into men and boys as the targets of Teal, Rabbits, high-crossers and low-incomers went largely unmolested by OFRC No 7 ½ shot. It was, therefore, the boys who led the charge.

Steve Mcdowell shoots while Nigel Burnip, Ade Chapman, Fred Vaudry and Rob Norman do their level best to distract him!

And indeed they did, as only Beloved Chairman Nigel Burnip came through, despite having only one good eye in a 3D sport – which is about as similar to rifle shooting as tennis is to snooker – with a run of rabbits at the end to sneak into third with a creditable 30/50 birds.

With a mighty 42/50 it is good news that our first OFCPSC champ, Ade Chapman, will indeed be shooting for us come the season.

The top three scores at the end of the shoot were as follows:
1st Ade Chapman, 42
2nd Rob Norman, 36
3rd Nigel Burnip, 30

The next shoot is planned for the 13th December at High Lodge for the Christmas Shoot, there will also be a trophy on offer to the best score on the day. If you would like to join the OFCPSC please Email Robert Norman for a membership form.

Left to Right: Fred Vaudrey, Rob Norman, Ade Chapman, Nigel Burnip, Rob Giles, James Mehta


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