OFGS Golfers win against Aldeburgh GC

The individual match results were as follows-
Peter Watts and Martin Lamb beat David Gilchrist and Chris Nall
Robin Anderton and Matt Stolls halved with Richard Evans and Colin Taylor
Peter Dring and Roger Wharton beat Gordon Gibbs and Paul Danielsen
James Blyth and Hugh Curle beat Peter Olgilvie and Giles Webster
Norman Mayhew and Brian Evans beat David Perfect and John Raison
Gavin Cowell and Roger Wharton lost to Richard Evans and Chris Nall
Charlie Plunkett and Matt Stolls lost to David Gilchrist and Glen Ogilvie
Peter Dring and Hugh Curle beat Ian Hepton and David Perfect
Barry Hitchcock and James Blyth lost to Giles Webster and Paul Danielsen
Robin Anderton and Barry Lorkin beat Edmund Fivet and Paddy O’Connell


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