OF Golfers Regain OF/OI Trophy

Mid-Summer’s day wasn’t as kind to us as it might have been. Play started in sultry, thunderous conditions and, ninety minutes into the match, we were all summoned off the course by a claxon-wielding Woodbridge secretary as the heavens opened and lightning flickered on the horizon. Fortunately, we were only held up for about forty-five minutes, and the match resumed with the instruction that we should all stop play at 7pm, wherever we happened to be on the course. I don’t know whether this played to our advantage or not, but everyone seemed to think it was fair.

Those playing for the OFs were: Norman Porter (Captain and organiser); Ian Bryce; John Gooderham; Peter Howard-Dobson; Michael Spencer; Norman Mayhew; Dudley Holland; Hugh Curle; Barry Hitchcock; Barry Lorkin (great to have the Sec supporting us from way down in darkest Surrey); Jimmy Mayhew and Brian Evans. It was great to see Dudley Holland back in action after his hip-operation (but our Captain stresses that we’re a fit, young and vigorous team all in all).

The result was a very satisfactory 3 1/2 to 2 1/2, an exact reversal of last year’s performance when, to our chagrin, we had to submit to the gentle taunts of the OIs over dinner. Of course, the OF team were wholly magnanimous in victory this year and never spoke a word of retort (believe it if you like!).

Norman Porter said: “It was good to have some new players, relative youngsters. We do very much hope to continue this growing tradition next year. Within the OF team there were five Woodbridge members and five guests. I was delighted with the support from fellow OFs and could well have found a larger team of willing golfers had I needed to. It’s a shame that we can only accommodate twelve men good and true. I hope the time will come when both OIs and OFs could field a LADY competitor. Who will be the first?”.

Good point, Norman. Perhaps we can talk Kirsty Wybar (Cambridge University Ladies’ Captain-designate) to play and recruit a few more lady OFs?

Karl Daniels (OI Captain, and current Chairman of the Ipswich Governors) spoke warmly and enthusiastically after dinner, to which Norman Porter responded in his usual eloquent an insouciant style, before presenting Karl with of a copy of Remembered Days. Both teams look forward to next year’s match on a date yet to be decided.

Peter Howard-Dobson


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