Halford Hewitt – If at first you don’t succeed….

(From left:Rob Atton, Matt Stolls, Patrick Spraggs & Jonny Newton)
The weather was perfect and there was a good turnout of supporters – Barry Lorkin, Norman Mayhew, Norman Porter, Michael Spencer, Robin Anderton, Martin Lamb, Peter Howard-Dobson, David Turnbull and David Wybar. The following played – Gavin Cowell, John Wybar, Richard Graves, Patrick Spraggs, Peter Watts, Rob Atton, Matt Stolls, Jonny Newton, Charlie Plunkett and Andy Towler.

(John Wybar and Patrick Spraggs with Barry Lorkin)
A big welcome to Patrick, who fitted in very well with the surreal OF sense of humour, and welcome back to John, Peter, Matt and Rob. We were very grateful to Patrick and John who made the long car journey from St Andrews where they had been playing in the R&A Foundation Scholars Tournament, finishing on the Tuesday – please see the recent article on the SOF website concerning Patrick’s success.

This year the team stayed at the Pegwell Bay Hotel, a great success, and thanks are due to Andy for making all the arrangements."

(Gavin Cowell’s approach shot to the 15th – at a critical stage in the match, and under immense pressure to get within three feet!)


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