New Moreau Scholars 2024

New Moreau Scholars 2024

Speech Day 2024 was, as ever, a joyful event tinged with sadness as a new leaving-group started to go their separate ways. Alicia Pryce (M 2012-24) and Felix Juszt (R 2019-24), the Society’s latest Moreau Leaving Scholars have, as a vital part of their role, the responsibility for helping to sustain and nourish the bonds of friendship that have grown amongst their year-group through the years, and have both expressed their enthusiasm and determination to succeed in doing so.

With the Scholarship scheme now in its nineteenth year, these scholarships were as hotly contested as ever, and the selection panellists, under the chairmanship of David Mallett (K 93-03), were hard-pressed but ultimately unanimous in selecting Alicia and Felix as this year’s winners, and they received their awards from Chairman of Governors, Charles Packshaw, at Speech Day on 28th June. You’ll find more about our latest scholars and their aspirations by following this Link

After the awards ceremony, our Alicia and Felix joined Peter Howard-Dobson (R 65-69), John Ellerby (G 67-75), Kate Jackson (P 84-93 and Alicia’s Mentor), and a host of other OF luminaries for photographs, and were soon joined by Alicia’s and Felix’s parents.

Helen Ellerby very kindly took this splendid photograph, with from Left to Right:

Hugo Pryce, Peter Howard-Dobson, Cecilia Pryce, Kate Jackson, Richard Sayer, Alicia Pryce, Robert Mayhew, Felix Juszt, Vanessa Juszt, John Ellerby, Richard Juszt, Norman Porter, Tony Martin.


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