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OF Northern Gathering 2024

OF Northern Gathering 2024

Why not enjoy a trip to Edinburgh around and including the 17th of August this year.  What’s not to like?  The Tattoo (though tickets now limited), The Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe and the opportunity to partake of a good lunch in the company of friends in the dining room of the Royal Scots Club.

The 17th of August is the date for this year’s OF Northern Gathering which is to be a lunch in the elegant facilities of the member’s dining room at the Royal Scots Club.  Those attending will select their fare and pay individually from the menu of the day.  Wine at lunch will be ‘on the house’ – me actually, but drinks beforehand in the bar are not!  More details on the OF website.

A small quorum is already attending so why not join us.  Just email me at

Just to remind you this event is as much for partners of OF’s as OF’s themselves.  At previous gatherings partners have been surprised at how enjoyable the event was.

Douglas Thomson


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