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OF Annual Gathering at the College 2024

OF Annual Gathering at the College 2024

The OF Annual Gathering took place on Saturday 13th April 2024 and was our first main event under Nick Whitehead (President of the SOF) who was keen to make some changes by moving away from the formal dinners in the dining room to an informal drink’s reception in Pauls Court at Framlingham College as a way of encouraging younger OFs.

Prior to the evening commencing the SOF held their AGM in the Albert Room at the College in which several members attended.

66 guests from all age groups ranging from last year’s leavers to our senior OFs who left in the mid-fifties arrived and were greeted with a glass of prosecco. It was also great to welcome a group of year 13 students to a Society of Old Framlinghamians event. It was a relaxed evening, and the room was filled with chatter and reconnection. Several OFs had enjoyed tours of the school earlier in the day, reminiscing about their school days.

Whilst we were engaged in speeches, firstly from Nick (President) who welcomed everyone and highlighted upcoming events and then Louise (Principal of Framlingham College) who shared news of goals and aspirations for the school, we were served delicious canapés (savoury and sweet) made by the College catering team.

The bar remained busy with friendship groups chatting and catching up after so many years. Later, in the evening OF Rhianna Melton (V20-22) kindly sang for us accompanied by her guitar which was excellent.  Guests tucked into cheese and biscuits which went down well for many after a few drinks.

It was a successful evening and OFs were looking forward to the next event. I would like to thank everyone involved who made it such a fun night.

Click here to see an album of photos taken on the evening.

The following guests attended the OF Gathering on Saturday evening.

Tony Martin (G47-55), Norman Mayhew (R48-56) and Margaret, Colin Wigg (G48-54), Chris Sneath (K51-56), Liz Sneath, Bob Clayton (G50-57) and Moira, Richard Sayer (S56-61), Jon Ford (S58-62), Chris Bellamy (G54-64), Michael Smy (S57-66), Nigel Burnip (S58-65), Andy Mayhew (R53-60), Peter Howard-Dobson (R65-69), Chris Essex (K69-75), Steve McDowell (G82-86), James Foster-Clarke (Z78-86), Ruth Elwood (P80-84), Nick Podd (R83-88), Hugo Corrie (S80-85), Jerry Francis (S79-83) and Jill Hodgson, Rob Dabin (S76-83), Stuart Morton (S84-89), Daniel Clementson (K89-92), Kate Jackson (P84-93), Neil Jackson (Hon OF), Tom Tacon (M88-93), Martin Myers-Allen (Hon OF), Mel Lewis (V87-97), Louise North (Principal of Framlingham College), Tom Dalton (G05-16), Nick Whitehead (K06-11), Josh Wilkinson (S05-11) and Ellie Collins, Jack Caswell-Dodd (G06-11) and Lucy Tilbrook, Joe Graves (K18-23), Jayden Borges (G18-23), Max Thompson (R06-22), Hugh Orford (R20-22), Jacobi Bishopp (R17-22), Antonia Key (P85-94), Peter Mayo (K89-94), James Blyth (Z85-94), James Fennell (K91-94), Duncan Cork (K89-94), Tamsin Holmes (V20-22), Matthew Nesling (R20-22), Sebastian Stirling (G19-22) and Phoebe Townsend, Rupert Harpur (K17-22), Harvey Williams (S15-22), Rhianna Melton (V20-22), Morgan Lippert (V20-22), Jake Croft-Sharland (Year 13), Charlotte Jenner (Year 13), Rose Cadman (Year 13), Lauren Boyce (Year 13), Isabel Wright (Year 13), Annie Pearson (Year 13) James Fishenden (Year 13),  Charlotte Jenner (Year 13), Loulou Ford (Year 13 Head Girl) and Harry Ford (Year 13 Head Boy).


Kate Jackson (P84-93), OF Co-Ordinator


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