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Historic Tiger Moth featured in Daily Telegraph

Historic Tiger Moth featured in Daily Telegraph

Chris Essex (K69-75) writes: “On 7 September 2023 the Daily Telegraph featured on page 6 a prominent photo of a Tiger Moth.  I immediately recognised it for 2 reasons – its very distinctive colours and its registration number.  It was painted in Fram chocolate brown and pale blue and its number was G-EMSY.  I had seen both of these before.

The photo was accompanied by the following description: Flight of fancy – A vintage Tiger Moth from the Second World War takes to the skies over Northumberland. The plane, built in 1940, is owned by Tiger Flights, which offers avaition fans the experience of open cockpit flying as well as spectacular views of the local landscape”.

So why had I seen this plane before? 

It was owned for many years by our own Bruce Micklewright (S48-51) and based at Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire.  Bruce, who had her painted in Fram colours, nowadays lives in France aged 89.  Just over 10 years ago, my brother-in-law was terminally ill and Bruce generously offered him a flight in the Tiger Moth. Sadly he was never well enough to take up the offer, but I remain forever grateful to Bruce for offering this once in a lifetime experience. 

Bruce was also a great help some years ago with my research into the amazing exploits of Bill Goldfinch (26-32) – see Distinguished section of the website.  In 2008 Bruce also generously donated a flight on his Gypsy Moth as a prize in the auction to raise funds for the College Rugby Tour of France and for The East Anglian Air Ambulance.   The flight was finally arranged to coincide with the Brandeston 60th celebrations and a number of fly-pasts of Brandeston and the College were one of the highlights of the day.”


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