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Chris Hall featured in HK programme

Chris Hall featured in HK programme

Chris Hall (G62-69) writes “The Hong Kong TV station, ViuTV, has done a series about old expatriates and why they continue to live in Hong Kong. They have done a 25 minute programme about me as part of this series. The series is called Expatations. The link to the programme is:”.  The programme gives a fascinating insight into Chris’s whole life.  Well worth watching.


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Tony Meggs

Sunday 07 May 2023

I really enjoyed this video. Quite apart from the insights into an extraordinary life, it brought back many memories. Chris and I were in the same year at Framlingham College, and we both went up to Cambridge at the same time. I have often wondered what happened to Chris - and it is wonderful to see what a fascinating and unusual life he has led. Thanks for making the video available.

Jenkin Leung

Sunday 07 May 2023

Hi Chris, I absolutely loved it! Good to see you at the Club’s party the other day, let’s have lunch.

Jeremy Kemp

Tuesday 02 May 2023

Clicked on the video not really expecting to find it interesting but watched the whole thing and found it fascinating. I can see where Michael Portillo got his fashion ideas from too!

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