Were you in Moreau in 1964?

UPDATE: Jane Easey (V87-89), Old Framlinghamian Co-ordinator, has recently sent out this from Paul Taylor, Headmaster of Framlingham College, to all known OF signatories to the June 1964 bottle of port, laid down by Bob Gillett for opening 50 years later. The bottle will be opened on Speech Day on 4th of July 2014. She says “We do hope you can make it and that you will be able to join us for lunch and a tour of the College beforehand. Please pass the invitation on to anyone you know that signed the bottle in 1964 but has not updated us with their current details.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE I am trying to track down a group of very important OFs so that they can be invited back to the College to celebrate an Anniversary Event. In the Headmaster’s Office there is a bottle of port laid down almost 50 years ago, in June 1964, by Bob Gillett (Housemaster) and the students of Moreau House. The bottle is signed by those 1964 students, and there were instructions that the bottle was to be opened 50 years later on the occasion of the College’s 150th. That time is now imminent, and it is hoped that there will be a grand ceremonial opening of the bottle with as many of the 1964 students and staff present as can be assembled.

You can read a more detailed letter and photos by clicking here or email me. The attached letter shows in red those OFs we are particular keen to get in touch with as we currently have no up to date contact details.


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