Want to buy property in Spain or the Baleares (and two OFs see the Rugby World Cup Final)?

Having now been back in Menorca for five years I decided it was time to branch out on my own and so set up a new Estate Agency Business. This we did starting in September 2003, marketing predominantly through the internet. Our web site which is to be found at
has seen a massive increase in activity since the new year. I would be delighted to help any OFs thinking about buying in Spain on the mainland or in the Baleares.

Despite the pressure of the new business, I managed to get to Sydney on the 22nd of November 2003, quite an important date to those, who like myself, are rugby fanatics!!!

This all came about on the Sunday morning after we had beaten the fancied French in the semi final to go through to the final the following Saturday. I rang Tim Church (R82-87) to see if he fancied coming with me. I had checked with his wife Louise first!! He obviously jumped at the chance of a boys trip down under. I don’t think he really took me seriously until I phoned on the Tuesday to say that I had secured flights (not all that easy) and tickets to the final (almost impossible)! We took of from Barcelona on Thursday afternoon. Tim having flown down that morning from Stansted and me from Menorca, in time to make it to an Irish pub in the centre of Barcelona to watch the third place play off between New Zealand and France (the same pub, incidentally, that I had bumped into Al Pattinson (R81-86) two weeks earlier when England where playing Samoa).

We arrived in Sydney via Frankfurt & Singapore on the morning of the final after having travelled for about 30 hours. We went straight out to lunch in Woolloomooloo and then to the stadium. The atmosphere was incredible as most of you who watched the match from home would have experienced as well. Swing low has never sounded so sweet! No need to tell you all how we felt after the game, needless to say we didn’t come back down to earth till the Tuesday morning and that was only because we had to go diving, having made it up to the Great Barrier reef ! We flew back that Friday after a very entertaining evening out on the Thursday at Café Sydney (well worth the visit) with an old Felstedian which was apt as they where always our biggest rugby rivals when I was playing for Framlingham.

Nick Cook

S’Arravaleta 21-3º
07701 Mahon
Menorca, Spain
Tel: (0034) 971 35 70 70
Fax: (0034) 971 36 42 71
Mobile: (0034) 649406140


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