Stronger Links between SOF and College approved at AGM

The amended rules also pave the way for the School to contribute towards the subscriptions for qualifying leavers from the College (the vast majority leaving from the 6th form).

Tom Wornham and David Metcalf were appointed members of the Council. John Rankin and Douglas Thomson were elected as Vice Presidents.

The Annual Dinner, which followed the AGM, was well attended, as can be seen from the general crush around the bar.

It was very good to have several members of the current leavers’ group present at the dinner, including Toby Hough and Roberta Organ, who have just been appointed as members of the Council

From Left to Right: Ed Barker (G); Peter Gardner (S); Collette Hamilton (V); Robin Lawson (K); Roberta Organ (P) and Toby Hough (K)


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