SOF Greece Dinner – 22 January 2005

Ivor Webb (K37-42) and Richard Rowe (S65-74) met at a beach-front restaurant just outside Thessaloniki, Greece, for a sumptuous Greek seafood dinner. Ivor is originally from the Framlingham area and is brother to Mrs Barbara Hall, the former post-mistress at the Framlingham Post Office and mother of Martin Hall (K67-75). Richard was in Greece on business between travelling to Macedonia and Istanbul.

Ivor was at Fram during the time of the evacuation to Repton; but being a day-boy, he stayed behind in Fram and effectively lost a year of schooling. Reminiscences about Fram included Alfred Molson (K38-43), Andrew Currie (R38-43) and the Bloomfield family. Ivor remembers Sydney Bloomfield (G41-45) who used to live Cretingham Lodge; and having been in the Police Force, Ivor was interested to know that Stephen Bloomfield (K71-78) is now Borough Commander of Haringey Police
in London. Ivor also had good memories of Sgt Twite at Framlingham Town Police Station. Sgt Twite died about 35 years ago and was father to David Twite (R50-57) and grandfather to Mark Twite (R79-87) and Andy Twite (R84-92). Ivor was proudly wearing his Interpol badge on his blazer at the dinner.


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