Sir Mark Hedley (G56-65) wins award

Richard Sayer (S56-61) spotted that Sir Mark Hedley (G56-65) was awarded a prize in The Times Law Page’s annual awards for 2009. He won the prize for Judicial Anger Management in response to the incompetence of a public authority.
In his judgment criticising Orkney Island Council and Cambridgeshire County Council for their failures to give priority to the needs of a very vulnerable child, he revealed that he "found it necessary to adjourn the hearing briefly so as to ensure that no wholly improper judicial observations escaped my lips", and he had not given his judgment immediately "because I did not trust myself to express my views in a temperate manner".
Mark sent a copy of his judgment to both Westminster and Holyrood to draw attention to the behaviour of the two councils. You can read the full article on Mark’s judgement here or his distinguished entry here
We have the best judiciary in the world and Mark is one of the best – great intelligence with a human touch. 


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