Richard Vaughan-Griffith MC 1945-2012

Several of Richard’s friends live abroad and will not be able to return for the funeral. One of these is John Birt (S 59-63), who emailed Richard Sayer (S 56-61) to say,

"Richard (V-G) and our mutual friend Gubbo (Barry Gubbins) go back to 1964 when they were both on their way into Sandhurst via the “thickies” entrance … as did I, but one class ahead of them!!

Richard and I arrived at Fram at the same time and were the first intake into the new Moreau house. We played lots of sport and did not do a lot of work. Richard ended up captain of Rugby, Cricket & Hockey (I think after your brother). He cycled to Spain with me, Rory Brown and three other Fram boys in the summer holidays of 1963 … great adventure for a bunch of 17 year olds … I took 45 quid with me and still had a fiver when we got back to England!!

After Sandhurst we met up again in HK in ‘74 when we were both soldiers and played in the same hockey team in the HK league. From then on we kept in touch and played the odd game of golf when I was in the UK. I shall miss him".

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