OFs mark Ken Mayhew (R29-34) 100th birthday

Norman Porter (K50-57) writes : Ken Mayhew, veteran of the Normandy campaign, holder of the highest Dutch military award, a Knight of the Wilhelm Order, the Dutch equivalent of the VC, has had his stamina tested by a series of celebrations of his 100th birthday, which fell on January 18th 2017.

The celebrations have included a family celebration at the College, a reception at the Dutch Embassy on February 16th, attended by the Ambassador and many other dignitaries, and then finally, a special lunch held at Woodbridge Golf Club, attended by some three dozen OFs and wives. Ken has been a fine sportsman, excelling at cricket and golf, and those present included many who had played these sports with and against him, and who had travelled considerable distances to pay their own tributes. OFs celebrated a true WW2 hero, and fine sportsman. Amongst those present were his “baby” brother, Jimmy, an ex-WW2 commando, and a mere 97 years old.

Read Norman's full report on the celebratory lunch by clicking here

Ken's biography in the Distinguished section of the website has also been updated to include this OF lunch as well as other events to mark his centenary and includes many photos – click here


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