OF undertakes Nepal Cycle Challenge

Stevie says: Since leaving Framlingham in 2007, I had a brief stint in Italy playing rugby for Olimpic Roma Rugby before graduating from Cardiff University in 2011. During my degree I had some great placements in places such as Sicily and Barcelona and successfully completed/survived the Pamplona Bull Run in 2008 with fellow OFs Henry Doe, Max Crompton, Rupert Elmes and Jimmy Yu. Whilst studying I was involved in some charity work namely completing the London Marathon in 2009 for the Task Brasil Charity and hitch-hiking from Cardiff to Marrakech for the LCD Community Charity in 2011 (missing the 2011 Marrakech terrorist bombings narrowly!). Since graduating I have started work with Bloomberg L.P. in London and have recently signed up for the Nepal Cycle Challenge for the Body & Soul Charity (a charity which aids those in the UK suffering from HIV) which consists of riding across Nepal in high altitude over the space of 10 days. I aim to raise £2,500 in aid of the cause and if any Old Framlinghamian is feeling generous or simply wishes to find out more about the challenge please feel free to click on the following link:


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