OF Section of Yearbook available online

Update dated 14 May 07 – The long awaited hardcopy of the 2006 Yearbook is with the printers and should be in the mail before the end of May. The 2007 Newsletter is on its way to the printers and should be in the mail by the end of June.

Original dated 18 March 07 – Members of the Society will already know of the delay in publication of the College section of the 2006 Framlingham Yearbook. The recent mailing of our News Bulletin provided explanations and interim information.

As members will probably realise, the SOF section has been ready for some time, and the Society would very much like website-registered members, at least, to have a chance to see the OF section before the AGM on March 24th. OF news is becoming a little stale, and the time before the publication of the June newsletter is now rapidly shrinking.

The College team quite understand the position and are happy that this website release should go ahead now, but please be assured that they are extremely keen that the full version (College Section, Brandeston Section and OF Section) should still be our joint aim, and you will have the hard copy version in your hands within a few weeks.

We are sorry about this year’s difficulties but all parties are working hard to ensure that the 2007 Yearbook will be delivered on time, at the turn of the year.

Norman Porter (Editor OF Section. Framlingham Yearbook)

To view the electronic version of the 2006 OF Section, make sure you’re logged in, and then go to the Publications menu item.


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