OF Plans double marathon run for charity

Mark says ‘I have a confirmed place on both the London and Edinburgh Marathons taking place in 2013 (on April 21st and May 28th respectively). I figured if I was going to the bother of getting fit for one I might as well do another shortly afterwards! I am targeting a completion time of under 4 hours for each race and training is going well.

I am running on behalf of the charity Whizz-Kidz. You can get a better feel about the work they do by visiting their website here. The reasons for choosing Whizz-kidz are firstly the important work they do in providing equipment for disabled children which materially enhances their life experience and, secondly, the incredible performance of the athletes in the London 2012 Paralympic games – individuals who overcame adversity to provide such an amazing spectacle. There is no doubt that Whizz-kidz will be helping some children now who will go on to be Paralympians of the future.

Now for the business end: I am attempting to raise £3000 which will go entirely to Whizz-Kidz. I appreciate you get plenty of these requests for sponsorship but if you do allocate some of your income/wealth/savings to charitable causes I’d be very grateful for a slice of it, however small – it all adds up. To make this as painless as possible you can visit my Just Giving page at the following link:″

As part of my fundraising efforts my employer, Sheffield Haworth, has kindly agreed to match fund £500 to the donations I receive so the bar has been set! Many thanks.’


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