OF/OI Golf: OFs go down fighting

It was a hot, sultry, afternoon when opposing captains Norman Porter and Carl Daniels briefed their teams before the off. As last year, both captains reported that they had been amazed by the swift and positive response to invitations to play, and twelve good men and true duly lined up for each side.

Sadly, the OF team seemed to lack the sparkle that had carried them to victory last year, and only won two of the six fourball matches. Mind you, they were all close-fought and much enjoyed by all who took part. Our photograph shows a general gathering around the first tee as players set off.

The day finished with the usual excellent meal provided by Woodbridge Golf Club, and some entertaining speeches from Norman and Carl.

The OFs were represented by:
Norman Mayhew (R 48-56)
John Gooderham (K 44-53)
Robin Anderton (S 54-59)
Jimmy (AW) Mayhew (R 33-36) – a mere 86 years young!
Peter Howard-Dobson (R 65-69)
Brian Evans (K 55-59)
John Thurlow (K 48-55)
Norman Dodd (G 42-52)
Ian Bryce (R 61-65)
Norman Porter (K 50-57)
Dudley Holland (R 45-52)
Barry Hitchcock (K 60-65)


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