OF completes amazing canoe trip – the wrong way!

UPDATE:  Peter completed his quest on schedule on 10 June when he paddled gently into Old Forge, New York State in perfect weather to bring to a close a journey that has seen some highs, some lows, and probably more hard and sustained paddling than he thought was possible. Until someone proves otherwise, this is the first recorded east-west through-paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and, as last time, he did it solo and completely self-powered. Read all about his battles with the wind and see some wonderful photos on his website here.

ORIGINAL STORY : Five years ago Peter Macfarlane (Z73-81) who lives in Vermont USA, completed an amazing challenge, that very few have ever completed solo before, to canoe the entire 740 miles of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, from Old Forge New York State to Fort Kent in Maine State. What made the achievement possibly unique was that he completed it in a boat he designed and built – see previous story.

So how do you better that? On Monday 14 May he will be repeating this trip but doing it the wrong way round and using the same canoe he built 5 years ago for the first trip.  You can follow his trip via this link and see his canoe website here. He hopes to complete the trip on 10 June.


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