Norman Francis Borrett – 1st October 1917 to 10th December 2004

The Funeral of Norman Borrett was held at St. Mary’s Church, Frinton on Thursday 16th December 2004 and was attended by the following Old Framlinghamians:- Norman’s wife Mullie, Hon., sons Anthony and Timothy, also John Edwards, David Rose, Dudley Holland, John Maulden and Glenys Maulden Hon., John Clements Hon., The Head Gwen Randall Hon., John Gooderham, Norman Mayhew (also representing James Ruddock), Jim Blythe (also representing David Mason), Robin Anderton, The President SOF Norman Porter, Ken Mayhew, Jimmy Mayhew, John Waugh (also representing Alec and Harry Waugh), Peter Golding (also representing Andrew Golding), Tony Martin, David Mead, Bob Morris Hon., Martin Pearse, Jon Barry, Bobby Osbourne, Richard Sayer, Stephen Sayer, Andrew Wright, Humphrey Truman, Michael Spencer and Chris Bellamy.

Richard Sayer paid a very eloquent tribute to Norman’s life (click here for the full text) and the lesson was read by Andrew Borrett son of Norman’s brother Charles. John Cockett, who played hockey for England with Norman also attended.

The Times – December 30, 2004 – “As a schoolmaster he inspired generations of pupils to achievement in work and sport.”

Some evidence of this may be shown in the number of pupils who went on to be national and international sportsmen (the list is not exhaustive, so if anyone knows of more international or national sportsmen, please inform the website team):-

Norman Porter (K50-57) – played hockey for Scotland
Andy Hancock (S52-57) – played rugby for England
David Larter (R51-57) – played cricket for England
See all three in the College Cricket 1st XI in 1957.

Martin Pearse (K59-63) played squash for England (see SOF news article)

Jim Crosbie (S60-67) – played hockey for Scotland
Peter White (S57-67) – played hockey for England under 21’s and England Indoor
Anthony Parsons (R61-66) – played hockey for Wales
The College 1st XI Hockey 1966 photo shows all these three in the same team.

Media Links

East Anglian Daily Times – 16 December 2004

England Hockey News – 17 December 2004

The Times – 30 December 2004


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