Newmarket Supper 2016

Those present were:-

Bob Clayton (G50-57), Moira Cogdell, Hugo Corrie (S80-85), Ruth Elwood (P81-84), Chris Essex (K65-69), Eryl Essex, Andrew Gooderham (K51-58), David Hodge (S44-50), Gillian Hodge, Michael Holden (G52-59), Tony Martin (G47-55), Robin McLean (K42-48), Bob Morris (Hon OF), Lynne Morris, Martin Myers-Allen (Senior Master), Helen Myers-Allen (House Mistress Moreau House), Norman Porter (K50-57), Virginia Porter, John Rankin (K47-56), Michael Smy (S57-66), John Thurlow (K48-55), John Waugh (K41-48), Sue Waugh.

ORIGINAL INVITE : Renew those friendships; make new ones or just reminisce in convivial company at the Newmarket Supper, which will be held at The Rutland Arms Hotel, High Street, Newmarket on Friday 13th May 2016.  Dress informal: 7.00 for 7.45pm, £25.00 per person. Wives and partners are welcome. Contact that old friend you have not seen for ages and invite them along.  Thanks to our new financial arrangement with the College, there is good news if you are under 30! The first 10 to apply who are under 30 will only pay 50% of their Supper cost. Click here for more details including an application form. Please book by the 11th May 2015. Any questions please contact Michael Smy


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