Newmarket Supper 2013 Report

Mr. Chris Hobson, Deputy Head (Pastoral) of Framlingham College, gave a lively review of recent College events from the perspective of the school’s seven houses, which was enjoyed by all.   The President of the Society, Mr Richard Sayer, responded.  He concluded his speech by referring to the on-going discussions between the Society and the College.  The objective of these discussions was to agree on the best way of giving financial and administrative support to the Society. This would involve greater integration of operational structures, with an SOF presence within the College. An outcome was sought which would be to the mutual benefit of both the College and the Society.  A toast to the College was then proposed.

The Hon. Secretary, Mr Norman Porter, announced that this was Ms Leigh Cunningham’s last SOF function as she was leaving the College.  He thanked her on behalf of the Society for all the help she had given as Alumni and Events Officer over the past five years and said she would be sorely missed.  He then presented her with some orchids as a small token of the Society’s appreciation and added that he hoped she would be able to attend the proposed dinner for Honorary OFs.
Those present were:

Chris Bellamy G54-64, Jim Blythe K48-54, Leigh Cunningham Hon OF, Mel Dellow, Ruth Elwood P80-84, Caroline Flyn, Jan Golding,  Peter Golding  R45-49, Andrew Gooderham K51-58, John Gooderham K44-53, Chris Hobson, Deputy Head (Pastoral) Hon OF , Sue Hobson Hon OF , Gillian Hodge, David Hodge S44-50, Michael Holden G52-59, Tony Martin G47-55, Norman Mayhew R48-56, Robin McClean K42-48, Sheila Menhinick, Lynne Morris, Bob Morris Hon OF, Sally Nice, Roland Nice G48-55, Richard Overend S51-57, Norman Porter K50-57, Angela Rankin, John Rankin K47-56, John Raynham R45-50, David Reeve S55-57, Richard Sayer S56-61, Michael Smy S57-66, Katie Stephen V86-88, Sue Waugh, John Waugh K41-48, Charles Wharton G44-51, Pat Williman, Paul Williman K51-57, Anne Wolton, Alf Wolton K42-47.


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