New Photos in Website Gallery

Recent photos added to the Gallery include:

Garrett Hockey 1st XI – 1974?? – Iain Dickson kindly supplied the photo and remembered the names of all his teammates but cannot recall the exact year. Is it 1974? He adds that Garrett beat Rendlesham 3-2 in the final. See – 1970s Gallery.

Rendlesham House photo – 1981 – Paul Langham had a good go at identifying his contemporaries but some blanks remain. See – 1980s Gallery. In the same section are photos of Ziegele House 1984 and Rendlesham 1986 – but with no-one identified. Let us know if you have any names.

There are many more photos with gaps in the names, so do have a look at the Gallery and let us know if you may be able to assist with identification.

Any help in filling in the information gaps or even supplying more photos would be appreciated (either email a scanned image or contact us if you need us to do the scanning) . Email the website team –


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