Moreau Scholars organise Crown reunion


(From left to right: Peter Fordham, Ian Ravenhill (teaching staff), Nick Gough & Greg Poulter-Jones
“As we arrived, we spotted a few stragglers walking around, unsure of quite where to meet. However as the night went on more and more familiar faces arrived at our old watering hole! We’d never expected more than fifteen to twenty to turn out, so hadn’t felt it necessary to inform the pub! This could have gone drastically wrong, but luckily for us there’s now plenty of seating outside the main entrance, where our congregation swiftly grew!”
“There was no particular format to the evening – Matt Gardener and Freddie Hopkinson told us about their ‘interesting’ travels to Africa, but the main entertainment of the night was the major catch up we all felt was needed”. 
“We’d spread the word beyond the 2007 leavers, and there were a good few from the year below, the year above and several from the current upper sixth!  It was a great evening, with James and me taking lots of photos”.  
“Now we know how easy it can be to gather a decent number of people, we can put our brains together to think of something bigger and better to do in the next holidays! (Any ideas greatly appreciated)”.

Left Photo: Jon Waghorne, Becca Peck, Emily Durie & Matt Gardner                        

                                                    Right Photo: Peter Fordham, Fiona Hamer-Philips, Amy Arnold, Daniel Kiernan & Mark Chamberlain


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