Moreau Scholars: Just Doing Their Thing

Jasper sent us the photo below, taken (one would guess) towards the end of the evening! More or less working from back to front, and from left to right, the following OFs might be recognizable…

Jasper Maberly (2013), Andy Hair (2013), Anthony Youngman (2013, Emma Vidler (2013), Angela Koo (2013), Charles Yapp (2011), Frazer Baron (2013), Henry Baldwin (2013), Honor Avery (2013), Oliver Summers (2013), Morgan Whitehead (2013), Alex Watts (2013), Milly Hopkinson (2013), Ellie Dellow (2013), Zach Thorne (2013), Holly Cartmell (2013), Annalise Tye (2009 – who happened to be the barmaid that evening – at far left), Tony Lamb (2013), Jasmiine Lawson (2013), Tom Berry (2011), Fraser Williams (2012) and Alex Myers-Allen (2013).


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