Here – Winter 2008

Here – Winter 2008

Simon Rolfe (S 82-92) reports that since October 2007 he has travelled very extensively, much of it in his capacity as a charter airline pilot. He visited Vermont and met Andy Twite (R 84-92) and his wife Anja before spending two weeks in the mid-west with David Mayhew (R 87-92) at the College of DuPage Meteorology Department. Many hours were spent chasing tornados and the thunderstorms that create them.

Six days in Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding were followed by a return to work for his flying instructor’s triennial flight test and studying for and passing his airline’s Command Assessment tests which qualify him to be a Captain. Then part time flying instructing was interspersed with airline trips, for his airline, to countless airfields all over Europe including Great Massingham and Little Snoring in Norfolk.

From January to October 2008 Simon did five tours of duty in Sweden flying miners and their families to Swedish Lapland with a return each day. He has included a photograph of his aircraft, taken at 5.30am at -35C.

He has included the link to his Facebook profile for those who wish to contact him:

Simon Rolfe’s aircraft in Swedish Lapland


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