Halford Hewitt: Success Eludes OF Golfers Once Again

The OF team was:

Richard Cullinan & Charles Plunkett (lost 6/5)
Gavin Cowell (Capt) & John Wybar (lost 1 down)
Richard Graves & Peter Watts (won 2/1)
Robin Anderton & Alex Cameron (lost 2/1)
Andrew Towler & Martin Lamb (lost 2/1)

John Wybar, handicap 3, was playing in his first Halford Hewitt, and he and Gavin played brilliantly, just losing to the senior Sherborne pair on the 18th green.
The highest handicap on the OF team was 8, and this was the first time, in recent years, that we have all been below 10.
Gavin Cowell made a great start as the new Team captain, and it was bad luck for Fram to have been drawn against so good a school in the first round. At “half time”, after 9 holes, we were all square, ie: up in 2, down in 2 and level in the fifth match – no small achievement.

The OF side was well supported by David & Anne Wybar, Barry Lorkin, Brian Evans, Michael Spencer, Colin Stokes (Capt. OFGS) and Andrew Wright.

David Turnbull, Secretary OFGS, writes: “We are actively seeking OFs with low handicaps to play in the 1st Team – please get in touch with Gavin Cowell or David Turnbull (details on Society/Specialist Groups/OFGS)


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