FramSoc Upcoming Events – November 2011

FramSocTuesday 15 November, 2011
FramSoc Presentation:

‘The Kronstadt Operation 1919”
Venue: Headmaster Porter Theatre, Framlingham College
This illustrated talk, by Commander Rodney Agar, focuses on the Royal Navy’s coastal motor boats and their action in the Baltic, running spies in and out of Russia for the Secret Service and immobilising the Russian Bolshevic Fleet at Kronstadt. It was here where Captain Augustus Agar VC, DSO, RN, Rodney’s uncle and an old boy of Framlingham College, won the Victoria Cross in an action sinking the 7,000 ton Russian Bolshevic Cruiser Oleg with a single torpedo.

Further details: or see Distinguished article and listen to Augustus Agar talk about his exploits himself.


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