Essex Supper – Thursday April 28th

Paul Taylor, College Headmaster, and Martin Myers Allen, Headmaster of Brandeston, both came and this was the first OF Supper of Simon Dougherty’s Presidency. It was a very enjoyable evening.

In his after-supper speech, Simon congratulated and praised David Mason, when thanking him, on behalf of the Society, for the more than 25 years that he has spent in looking after the Society’s finances, and culminating in his Presidency. He said how delighted everyone is that David is making a full recovery from breaking his hip in a fall just before Christmas. He then gave a Toast to The College.

Martin, in reply, gave us an exciting picture of what life is like at the College these days, not just of sporting achievements, which are still outstanding, but emphasising the strengths of the  Arts, Drama and Music at the College and at Brandeston for some years now. He used a Darwinian simile; it was more continued evolution than mutation. Some of us listened aghast when he talked of a planned study trip to Borneo (Sepilok), thinking that this WAS more like mutation when compared to events like our Field Day at Sizewell back in the 50s!

It was good to see Robert Swiney (G1995-2000), Alf Wolton and John Allen, who were making their first visits to the Essex Supper, and they were given a warm welcome.

The final Toast of the evening was to ‘William Wales and Catherine Middleton’ who were to be married the next day at Westminster Abbey, wishing them ‘a long, happy and healthy life together’. Those who came to Essex:

Air Vice Marshall Simon Dougherty, President; Margaret Dougherty, Paul Taylor, Headmaster Framlingham College; Martin Myers-Allen, Headmaster Brandeston Hall; David Mason, Andrew Wright, Norman Porter, Bill Collard, Andrew Baker, Peter Howard-Dobson, Jim Blythe,  Alf Wolton, John Allen, John Ellerby, Norman Mayhew, Michael Spencer, John Durham, President Warren Golf Club; Anna Durham, Ivan Stedman, David Carr, Chris Bellamy, Stuart Munro, Peter Golding, Michael Smy, John Waugh, Tim Mitchell, Robert Swiney, Dr John Rankin

Next year the Essex Supper will be on FRIDAY April 27th 2012.


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