Essex Supper, 21st April 2006 – At The Warren Golf Club

To quote from John Rankin’s letter of invitation: “This is a new venue for us, which has been highly recommended by a number of local and golfing OFs, and is run by John Durham, himself an OF, so we hope that there will be a good turnout.”

In fact, The Warren has been in the Durham family since 1934. To find out more about it, please click this link to: The Warren Golf Club.

The cost of the supper will be £20 a head and applications for places should be made to J G Rankin Email John Rankin.

If you would like to play golf, please note that Members of The Warren have rights to the first tee until 9am and that there is a society starting from the first tee between 11am and noon. Apart from that, it’s turn up and play, with no tee-time reservations. You should, however, call the Pro’s shop soon to let them know your intentions. If you would like to organise a group of 12 players or more, then an approach should be made to “Dawn”. Both can be reached on 01245 223258.


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