Earl & Countess of Wessex to Re-open Athlone Hall

The Athlone Hall, and its brand-new Headmaster Porter Theatre, will be ceremonially opened by the Earl & Countess of Wessex on Tuesday 14th November.

The Earl and Countess will arrive at noon, and will be entertained by choristers in the Chapel, before moving to the Athlone Hall, where Tony Lawrence and the cast of Les Miserables will perform exerpts of the performances scheduled for the 6th, 7th and 8th December.

The Head has offered an opportunity for a small number of Old Framlinghamians to attend the Opening Ceremony, and anyone interested should telephone the school reception as soon as possible (01728 723789) to ask for their names to be placed in a ballot for tickets – only a very few places will be available, and security clearance will be necessary, so hence the need for speed.

In due course, OFs will have an opportunity to book tickets for the three performance of Les Miserables. Please keep an eye on the website for information about when and how to apply. The new Theater has some 265 seats, and the number available to OFs on any given night has yet to be determined (but will obviously be limited).


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