Any OFs interested in becoming a wizard?

This might seem an unusual request but it’s genuine from a fellow OF. The official, yes we mean official, Wizard of New Zealand (Ian Channell QSM (42-45) is looking to recruit new wizards and is preparing a handbook for potential applicants. To quote “we see the future of the movement depends on recruiting the bearded non-conformists of mature years (over 60s ideally) who want to annoy the apparatchiks whose obsession with controlling everybody and everything for childish reasons are bringing civilisation to a grinding halt. Not much else is required except to grow a beard, grab a staff, put on the distinctive pointy hat and gown and go on weekly outings in unexpected places. I am casting a special Old Framlinghamian spell for a good turnout.”

You can read all about Ian here

We very much hope that Ian will be joining us at the 150th event in the Hunter Valley in April 2015, of course in his official uniform.


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