Additional names added to the War Memorial in the College Chapel

Thomas Marshall DALE (04-07) – I spotted that according to the 1968 Green Register he served in 1st Dorsetshire Yeomanry and was killed in action in the Holy Land on 23 August 1918 and is buried in Ramleh War Cemetery in Israel. Although he is not mentioned on the War Memorial in the Chapel, the Framlingham Town War Memorial does include him!

Sydney HARRIS (1902-06) – I was contacted by a relative, who noticed that he wasn’t mentioned on the Chapel WW1 Memorial. He was born on 3 December 1889 in Ely and was killed on 26 September 1916. According to his attestation papers, he joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 23 September 1914. He was a sergeant in “B” Company, 8th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment). He is remembered on the Vimy Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

Captain Joseph Ernest TROUGHTON MC (1904-11) – like DALE, I spotted the 1968 Green Register stated that he died as a result of wounds received in WW1 but was not on the Chapel Memorial. He was born on 7 June 1894 and even before leaving the College had been awarded a vellum testimonial from the Royal Humane Society for saving a life from drowning. During WW1 he served in West Riding Regiment and was awarded the Military Cross on 1 January 1918 “For distinguished service in the field”. He fought in Gallipoli, Egypt and the Western Front and was wounded at Messines in June 1917. According to the Register he died of these wounds in August 1922 at the age of 28.

Roderick McIlraith (1919-22) – I was contacted by his son who advised me that his father died on 29 June 1942, 3 months before he was born. At the time he was serving in the Merchant Navy on SS Empire Mica, off the coast of Florida. ‘’

The name of T M Dale was added to the bottom of the existing WW1 memorial and those of S Harris and J E Troughton were recorded on an additional marble plaque placed below the existing memorial. Similarly an additional wooden plaque was placed below the WW2 on which the name of R McIlwraith was shown.

The gold leaf on the top of the WW1 Memorial had faded, as had that on the additional names that had been added some fifteen years ago on the bottom rim. These have now been regilded.

The Society has paid for all of the above.

In addition a plaque has been erected below the hymn board to the right of the altar in memory of Samuel Kenneth Mackenzie (1880-82) who was the first known OF to have been killed in action in the Second Matabele War in 1896. It is the College’s intention to in due course to move this plaque and that of the existing Boer War one to a more prominent position in the chapel.

Commander Henry de Beauvoir Tupper (1895-1897) was awarded the Albert Medal for his bravery aboard HMS Comet in 1918. Recipients of this medal were invited to exchange this medal for the George Cross. A plaque and a replica GC have been placed on a pillar opposite the WW2 memorial.

Jeffrey Richard Tristam Wornham (1990-1995), a fire-fighter, lost his life attempting to save others in a fire in 2005. He was awarded the George Medal posthumously. He too, together with a replica GM, is remembered in a similar fashion on another pillar opposite the WW2 memorial.

The College has funded the above three memorials, some through private donations.


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